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Contest rules and regulations

Rising Stars Grand Prix International Music Competition Berlin

1.) The Rising Stars Grand Prix – International Music Competition Berlin is open to every musician from all over the world and is hold in the disciplines for classical music: piano, strings, wind instruments, plucked instruments, accordeon, percussion, voice, Lied Duo and chamber music. As well as folk/traditional music instruments, jazz and musical. There is no age limit.
2.) All competitors can choose a free program of any classical music period (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary etc.), folk/traditional music, jazz, musical.  The works have to be performed from memory.  Music for ensembles does not have to be memorized.

3.) Recordings should be a fair representation of the contestant’s abilities.

4.) Only un-edited videos can be accepted for the audition. Allowed are only recent videos and not older than two years.

5.) Submitted material will not be returned.

6.) The application and repertoire requirements will be found on the website: application, repertoire

7.) Incomplete applications or those not including the required documents will not be taken into consideration.

8.) The application fees are not refundable.

9.) Awards:

1st Prize: from 95 to 100 points: diploma (certificate)
2nd Prize : from 90 to 94 points: diploma (certificate)
3rd Prize: from 85 to 89 points: diploma (certificate)

Honorable mention and participation certificate

A selected group of prize winners will be invited to perform in the PHILHARMONIE BERLIN, Germany. Competitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or teacher.
For our competition in 2024 there will be a grand cash prize.
Other special awards and concerts in the season 2024/25 may be granted based on the judges recommendations.
Certificates will be sent by email about one month after the prize announcement.

The 9. RISING STARS GRAND PRIX – International Music Competition Berlin 2024 will take place this year.

10.) The winners will play free in the award giving concert. Winners who have chosen not to participate in the prize winner concert for any reason and not informing us as well as not showing up after confirming, may be disqualified. A possible refusal will involve the cancellation of the award.

Winners who receive an invitation to play at the winners’ concert, and decide to decline the invitation and not travel, need to inform us by email on time and they will receive their diploma (certificate) by email.

11.) The final selection of winners will be based solely on the video recordings submitted.

12.) The jury’s decisions are unquestionable and final. No appeals will be considered and the comments will be not provided. Comments made by the jury will not be disclosed.

13.)  If a member of the jury has taught a competitor within the last two years, he will abstain from assessing that competitor.

14.) Competition results will be published on the Rising Stars Grand Prix website on  31. October 2024 (8 PM German time zone).

15.) The candidates awarded at the Rising Stars Grand Prix – International Music Competition Berlin  pledge that in the future they will use the entire title actually given by the jury. For any controversy the German court will be competent.

16.) All requests or questions shall be submitted via e-mail ( or website form only.

17.) All participants are responsible for their own expenses (travel, housing accommodations, etc.)

18.) The competition is not responsible for any damage or theft.

19.) Candidates cannot claim legal rights to recordings, photos or broadcasts that may be made in connection with the competition. All legal rights are reserved by the Rising Stars Grand Prix – International Music Competition Berlin and no fee is payable to any competitor for performances, photos, recordings or television broadcasts them.

20.) The Rising Stars Grand Prix reserves the right to modify or change the regulations, schedules and other information related to the competition.

21.) Participants, who publish a wrong prize, which they didn`t win at our competition, will be deleted from the winner`s list and will be disqualified.
22.) Competition  participants  must  implicitly  and  unconditionally  accept  the  rules  of  the Rising Stars Grand Prix’s statute and of all regulations  and  must  observe  them,  failure  to  adhere  to  regulations  will  cause  their  exclusion  from  the competition.